About Us



CYRENE Engineering & Management Consulting Ltd (CEMC) is founded in 2012 and registered in the Libyan Commercial Register and Benghazi Chamber of Commerce with reference number 8414-71248. The main company office is located in Benghazi, Libya.

Vision Statement

Being a key supporter to its clients, CEMC Ltd is a modern, effective and proactive company that is a leader in Management & Engineering Consulting Services in Libya.

Mission Statement

CEMC Ltd enhances your business with innovative engineering solutions and international logistics services, integrates your strategic and operational objectives, tackles your challenges, complements your core business processes and extends your global Supply Chain.

Through its international network, CEMC Ltd helps bridging the business environments in North Africa and Europe in a sustainable mutual partnership.


We care about your business success, innovate Engineering Solutions and build with you a high quality Win-Win relationship in a sustainable, proactive and effective manner.

We present our commitment to the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession.

Company Identity

CEMC Ltd is a modern, effective and proactive company that provides Management Consulting, Engineering Services, Logistics Services and Business Solutions to enhance your capabilities and achieve your objectives.

CEMC Ltd is well networked with Consultants and Cadres specialized in Management, mainly Logistics Management, Engineering and Technical fields including design, supervision and project management. As well, CEMC Ltd provides complementary Business Logistics services to Industry and Service Sectors according to modern management standards, methods and tools.

One of the focused roles for CEMC Ltd is to boost the North-South knowledge exchange and collaboration between Switzerland/Europe and Libya/North Africa due to its durable local proximity and expertise of the business environment and procedures in these regions.

Last but not least, CEMC Ltd promotes Sustainable Engineering & Management Solutions.